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Mission Statement and Purpose

Who We Are

Friends of As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corp, Pals qualifies under National IRS regulations.

Friends of KCAC consists completely of volunteers. There aren't any paid workers and we're not workers of the shelter.

Friends of KCAC will be to work to get pets that are displaced into houses that are permanent. This can be achieved through several tasks. We strive to keep all dogs that re receive and make them as healthy as possible. We use certain veterinarian medications, such as giving benadryl to dogs to keep them healthy so that they can be adopted right away.

What We Do

The mission of Friends of By raising cash we can offer basic needs to the shelter's foster system and cover medical costs for the creatures put into foster care which can be sick or too young to go into adoption.


Informational outreach tables are put in place at places and various occasions . At these occasions we show the pictures of creatures that exist for adoption in the shelter to instance.


Promoting Pet Adoptions

Raising how many returns of using microchips as well as lost pets with their owners. Reducing the quantity of owner launches and strays by giving informative materials to the need for spaying/neutering.

Educational Information

Increasing the number of returns of lost pets to their owners through pet licensing and the use of microchips. Decreasing the number of strays and owner releases by providing educational materials on the importance of spaying/neutering.